OpenKeychain 2.5

I released a new stable version of OpenKeychain. Changelog 2.5 fix decryption of symmetric pgp messages/files refactored edit key screen (thanks to Ash Hughes) new modern design for encrypt/decrypt screens OpenPGP API version 3 (multiple api accounts, internal fixes, key lookup)

OpenKeychain 2.4

I released a new stable version of OpenPGP Keychain. Thanks to all applicants of Google Summer of Code 2014 who made this release feature rich and bug free! Besides several small patches, a notable number of patches are made by the following people (in alphabetical order): Daniel Hammann, Daniel Haß, Greg Witczak, Miroojin Bakshi, Nikhil […]

OpenKeychain has been accepted for Google Summer of Code

I am proud to announce that my hobby project OpenKeychain (for Android) has been accepted for Google Summer of Code 2014. What is OpenKeychain? OpenKeychain allows you to manage cryptographic keys and encrypt messages and files for your contacts. It enables a secure end-to-end communication in times of mass surveillance. It implements the OpenPGP standard, […]

Rename OpenPGP Keychain?

I’d like to open the discussion about the name “OpenPGP Keychain”. Feel free to comment here or on The name “OpenPGP Keychain” is okay, but I am not sure if it is the right choice. It is hard to remember for average users and the app’s purpose is hard to grasp. I choose it […]